Secured key talents for research and development

Ewha Womans University professors who possess core technology for high-performance cosmetic ingredients are participating as technical advisors of E2BIO.

Possession of patent technology for natural substances

It is focusing on developing low-side whitening functional cosmetics by possessing patented technology for natural substances derived from marine sedimentary soil.

Ewha Womans University's recognized research institute

E2BIO is a trusted company with 20 percent investment from Ewha Womans University under the Ministry of Science and ICT's certification 'No. 1022'.


Research Director Kwon Young-il

Professor Lim Kyoung-min | Technical Advisor

Professor Nam Sang-jip Technical Advisor

  • Research Director at E2BIO
  • Ph.D. in Engineering at Seoul National University
  • Researcher at Samsung SDI Production Technology Research Institute
  • Director of Research and Development at ESIO LAB Co., Ltd.

  • Associate Professor, College of Pharmacy at Ewha Womans University
  • Ph.D. in Pharmacy at Seoul National University
  • Former Technical Researcher, Amorepacific

  • Associate Professor, College of Natural Sciences at Ewha Womans University
  • Ph.D. in Science and Technology at Seoul National University
  • Researcher at UCSD Scripps Marine Research Institute
  • Assistant Professor of Pharmacy at Sunchon University

Kwon Young-il / E2BIO Co., Ltd. Research Director

Academic Background

Ph.D. in Engineering at Seoul National University


Samsung SDI Production Technology Research Institute Researcher

Researcher, Computer Science Research Institute, Seoul Women's University

Director of Research and Development at ESIO Lab Co., Ltd.

Director of E2BIO Research Institute

Professor Lim Kyung-min / Ewha Womans Univ. College of Pharmacy

Academic Background

Bachelor of Pharmacy at Seoul National University

Master of Pharmacy at Seoul National University

Doctor of Pharmacy at Seoul National University


Technical Researcher at Amorepacific

Dean of Pharmaceutical Industry at Ewha Womans University Graduate School

Associate professor at Ewha Womans University's College of Pharmacy

Main field of study

Conducting pharmacotoxicity research on new drugs, cosmetics, and health functional foods

A Study on the Alternative Method of Animal Experiment, Skin Toxicity/Pharmacopoeia, and Circulatory Toxicity

Thesis and Patents

16-Kauren-2-beta-18,19-triol inhibits melanosome transport in melanocytes by down-regulation of melanophilin expression

Antithrombotic effect of SP-8008, a benzoic acid derivative, through the selective inhibition of shear stress-induced platelet aggregation  

Ccrn4l as a pre-dose marker for prediction of cisplatin-induced hepatotoxicity susceptibility

Marine natural products with monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitory activity

Me-too validation study for in vitro skin irritation test with a reconstructed human epidermis model, KeraSkin™ for OECD test guideline 439

Arsenic May Act as a Pro-Metastatic Carcinogen Through Promoting Tumor Cell-Induced Platelet Aggregation

Professor Nam Sang-jip / Ewha Womans Univ. College of Natural Sciences

Academic Background

February 1999, Bachelor of Science at Department of Global Environment, Seoul National University (major in Oceanography)

February 2001, Master of Oceanography at Seoul National University (Major in Ocean Natural Chemistry)

August 2006, Ph.D. in Oceanography at Seoul National University (Major in Ocean Natural Chemistry)


April 2007 ~ February 2012 : Post-doctoral researcher at UCSD Scripps Marine Research Institute

March 2012 ~ February 2013 : Professor of Pharmacy at Sunchon University

March 3013 ~ Present : associate professor at Ewha Womans University College of Natural Sciences

Main field of study

Research on the discovery of new natural substances and the development of cosmetics materials for the treatment of diseases

Finding new antibiotics to treat antibiotic-resistant bacteria, tuberculosis bacteria/pathogenic bacteria infection

A Study on the discovery of cancer prevention effective substances from natural materials and the mechanism of action

Natural substances for treatment of central nervous system(CNS) disorders

Analysis of the components and structures of natural substances of various efficacy for the development of cosmetics materials

Thesis and Patents

Mar. Drugs, 2017, 15, 138, Anti-Pigmentary Effect of (-)-4-Hydroxysattabacin from the Marine-Derived Bacterium Bacillus sp.

Org. Lett., 2016, 9, 2256, Ansalactams B–D Illustrate Further Biosynthetic Plasticity within the Ansamycin Pathway

J. Nat Prod., 2015, 78, 368, Monanchosterols A and B, Bioactive Bicyclo[4.3.1]steroids from a Korean Sponge Monanchora sp.

Within the last 5 years, 30 papers on the structure and efficacy of natural substances have been kept (including co-authors)

Composition containing 4-hydroxysattabacin (patent registration, KR101704922B1- SK Bioland technology transfer)

Prevention, improvement or treatment and prevention of pigmentation containing acremondin E (patent registration - EIR technology transfer)

[Table] Measurement result of inhibition of melanin production of anthranilic acid
Anthranilic acid, a newly discovered raw material by E2BIO, is excellent in inhibiting meanin production and in hibiting tyrosinase expression, thus preventing and improving skin whitening or pigmentation, and can be used for treatment.

3 times whitening effect

Compared to arbutin

37% inhibitory activity at 25ppm and 45% inhibitory activity at 10ppm were confirmed, demonstrating three times better inhibitory effect that arbutin, a chemical raw material.

What is anthranilic acid?

Anthranilic acid is a new raw material for natural materials derived from marine sediment soil newly discovered by E2BIO, and is a natural whitening functional ingredient extracted with only E2BIO's patented technology.


E2BIO's vision is to be recognized by people who have been tamed at the standards and eye level of imported cosmetics.

E2BIO Co., Ltd. which has been certified as one of the few research institutes in Korea, aims to replace cosmetics with high side effects due to existing chemical ingredients by developing high-function, low-side effect natural material whitening functional cosmetics through affiliated research centers. In addition, a research team consisting of Professor Lim Kyoung-min of  Ewha Womans University, Professor Nam Sang-jip, and Kwon Young-il, the Research Director, participates as a technical advisor in the development of cosmetics, and holds patented technology for natural substances derived from marine sediment.